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Listening and caring. Through our unique Positive Ageing Pyramid™, we build long-term treatment plans, ensuring that everything we do is committed to your total well-being.

Positive Ageing

Positive Ageing celebrates individuality and life experience while offering science-backed interventions to maximise inner health and outer beauty. Change is inevitable, but every transition creates new opportunities. We believe in the potential - and beauty - in every life stage.

A centre for innovative beauty treatments, we specialise in creating individual programmes to help people of all ages and backgrounds express their unique beauty. We believe passionately in listening to our clients and tailoring every treatment plan to their body, needs, and goals.

We are committed to our customers’ total well-being. Our doctors specialise in injectables, such as BTX, fillers, and skinboosters. But our approach encompasses so much more than needles. Our plans address each of the three essential building blocks of positive ageing: positive beauty, positive body, and positive mind.

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"There is no better (or kinder) authority on the business of beauty than Dr Vicky Dondos."

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"She's a woman's woman, and understands as much about the psychology of what brings people to her clinic as she does about the practical aspects of her work."

"I've seen all sorts of people about my face, but the person I keep going back to is Dr Vicky Dondos."

"My high-tech beauty guru"

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