Our Approach

The traditional anti-ageing approach promises confidence and happiness but often chips away at mental health and self-belief. Perpetually chasing some fixed and arbitrary standard of beauty leads to anxiety, loneliness, and a never-ending cycle where happiness is just one more tweak or procedure away.

This narrative has done enough harm. It’s time for a healthier, happier alternative.

Our purpose at Firm is to grow the message of Positive Ageing and cancel the concept of anti ageing and quick solutions.

Positive Ageing celebrates life experience while offering science-backed interventions to maximise inner health and outer beauty.
Beauty. Your Way.

We combine the latest aesthetic treatments, advanced technology and top-quality prescription skincare products always with you setting the pace, and doing our utmost to give you the most soothing, stress-free experience every step of the way.

At Firm, we know total beauty comes not just from a beautiful exterior, but also a serene and healthy interior.

The Positive Ageing Pyramid

At Firm we embrace the Positive Ageing Pyramid, developed by our founder Dr. Vicky Dondos.

Firm Mind is the base of the pyramid. If your mind isn’t in the right place, nothing will ever make you feel good. It’s 2-way thing - just as how you feel impacts how you look, how you look impacts how you feel.

How you talk to yourself influences your appearance, but so does your overall health. Stress, nutrition, digestion, and hormones, all impact how you look and feel. Addressing these Lifestyle factors, Firm Body is the second level of the pyramid.

Once you have the internals right, you can move on to Firm Beauty. At Firm we sort through all the noise to help you find the products that actually work for you (and are actually worth the money), then we boost the work you do at home with customised maintenance facials. The next step is using innovative combinations of cutting-edge technology to regenerate and improve your skin from deep down, rather than just 'papering over the cracks'. The final step, injectables such as BTX, are just the peak of the Positive Ageing Pyramid.
Begin your Positive Ageing journey.