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Positive Ageing advocate Dr Vicky Dondos combines non-surgical treatments and premium prescription skincare to deliver a holistic and highly personalised approach to beauty.

“When I started in aesthetics 17 years ago, one of my first lines of research was to take myself off to appointments, to have my face examined and treatments recommended, at some of the biggest London clinics,” Dr. Dondos explains in her hit book, “The Positive Ageing Plan”.

“It’s not that those clinics were bad, but they didn’t make me feel part of the process, knowledgeable about health or good about myself. What I experienced made me realise that there needed to be a new way to treat women who had taken the big step to come into clinic.”

From her first clinic, Medicetics, to her next adventure in more holistic beauty with Firm, Dr Dondos, along with her crack team of experts, focus on working collaboratively with patients and putting them at their ease. Clients often remark on her warm, down-to-earth manner and genuine sense of empathy. She passionately believes that the aim isn't to look younger, but to look and feel good about yourself and your appearance throughout your life.

A fully qualified medical doctor, Dr. Dondos is a certified member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and has a psychology degree. She regularly trains other doctors in advanced aesthetic techniques.


There is no better (or kinder) authority on the business of beauty than Dr Vicky Dondos.

Farrah Storr

Editor of Elle

The oracle of skincare

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Founder of Me+Em

Tatler's finest ... one of the most rigorous, skilled, clever and charming specialists out there.

Francesca White

Tatler Beauty Editor

A favourite amongst beauty editors.

Rosie Green

Stella Magazine

She's a woman's woman, and understands as much about the psychology of what brings people to her clinic as she does about the practical aspects of her work

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My high-tech beauty guru

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the Aesthete

This is a new era in beauty treatment. We offer the essential building blocks to create your best self, a firm identity both inside and out, with you at the centre of the experience.

The Positive Ageing Plan

Dr Dondos' book "The Positive Ageing Plan" was published in 2021 by Penguin Life. It shares her expertise and advice for how you can stop fighting the clock and insead enjoy an effortless, confident glow, at every age.

In the empowering guide, Dr Vicky demystifies the ageing process, reveals the products that are worth investing in, and shows you how to create your own personalised programme, so that you can care for your own health and appearance in a way that works for you, your schedule and your budget.

It is a science-based, straight-talking, judgement-free guide to finding the best options for your skin so you can enjoy the confidence that comes with looking great, however you define beauty.
Begin your Positive Ageing journey.