Our goal is to make every client feel like the best version of themselves - in mind and body.

Firm Beauty

We all want to look and feel beautiful, but as we go through life, changes in our bodies can impact our connection with ourselves. Firm Beauty is about reconnecting with your individuality, your energy, your confidence.

Beauty. Your way. There is no one way to be beautiful. It’s about self-expression, not some external standard of ‘perfection’. That’s why we believe so passionately in listening to clients and working together to create a treatment plan for your unique body and goals.

Firm Body

At Firm we understand that how you look is a reflection of your internal balance and health. That’s why, together with our network of expert partners in longevity and wellness, we offer customers not just innovative beauty treatments, but also advice on lifestyle habits and hacks that support skin health and help give you an outer glow.

Sun, sugar, and smoking are traditionally the big no-nos for ageing skin, but the opportunity to influence the ageing process does not stop there. Evidence shows that stress management, nutrition and gut health, and hormone balance are all key areas where simple changes will result in visible improvements.

Firm Mind

If your mind isn’t right, it shows. Addressing the emotional component of what you see in the mirror is the third essential building block of Firm’s approach. You can have the best lifestyle, skincare, and even injectables, but if your mind isn’t right, you still won’t feel your best.

Firm Mind starts with support. We build 'Team Me' around every client, with a personal point of contact so you have a trusted guide on every step of your beauty journey. We are also passionate about therapies such as breathwork, bioresonance, and other areas of energy medicine to help bring you to a place of inner calm that shows up in your outer appearance.

Firm Planning

At every stage of life beauty means being the best, most confident version of yourself. We don’t follow set formulas, pressure clients, or chase cookie-cutter results.

Firm Planning means demystifying the ageing process and ensuring customers are active participants in their beauty journey. We work with clients to build individualised treatment plans that are always in tune with your budget -in terms of both time and money - and then review these plans regularly as priorities change. Our goal is the best results with no surprises.
Begin your Positive Ageing journey.